Critical note.

Until today he covered all the different areas of photography, from the black&white to the colour technique, from the coverage to the artistic photography, always searching in every image the artistic and creative potential that are in the picture itself. Therefore it happens that pictures of common people shot in their quotidian acts show themselves as funny or ironic. Also it happens that a urban landscape via the in-shooting elaboration reveals itself perfect as a cubist paint. Also it happens that the colours of the Nature via the digital imaging processing become as shapes.

I believe this to be the unitary feature of his works and what he wants to pursue: the quest of what every single image can become through the artistic act, the looking for the art that can be showed and revealed through the shoot and in the in-shooting elaboration or in the post-production processing, the search of the photographic interpretation of abstract concepts.



Since 1995 he joined more than hundreds of national and international group  exhibitions, all over the world.



Since 2001 he exhibited his artworks in about twenty solo exhibitions, in Piedmont, not only in Turin, and recently also abroad: Nice, Vienna, NewYork.