He took his first steps as a photographer in 1958 when he was as young as 14 years old, practicing and printing in black&white on himself, he also attended a one-year professional photographer class . He worked for eight years as a graphic designer in an advertising studio. In that time he focused his interest on the urban landscapes, dedicating on his hometown, Turin, of which he presented many unusal visions and perspectives.

In the eighties and nineties he worked hard on the coverage, collecting and selecting a large amount of pictures in an huge archive.

Since 1995 he joined many collective and personal exhibitions in a national and international contest.

After a long lasting research and experimentation he started to create "Photo-paints" that make him receive critics and public approval: "Fantasie Torinesi - Turinese Fantasies" and "Follie Veneziane - Venetian Follies" were his first creations, still in a everlasting evolution. It is nowadays in an on-going of a new series of pictures on this theme.

The research and experimentation of the photographic pictures creation and the elaborating processes that always pointed out his artistic career are nowadays involving him in new projects, also on the publishing side.

His pictures are present, in Italy and abroad, in public and private collections and in national and international galleries and museums. His pictures are also published on national and international catalogues, yearbooks and websites.