In this exhibition the photographer Aldo Basili reveals to be once more the author who arose the interest of photography’s lovers and not only of them, with his previous exhibitions focused on Turin and other places.

These “Photo-Paints”, which reveal the already characteristic style of Aldo Basili, represent the every-day life of Venice, a Venice belonging to Venetians, with its “calli and campielli” , with its bridges and …..sighs!

Aldo Basili well knows this town, he observes and spies on it with love and respect, he catches its life and magic in his pictures – numerous patient and loving shots – and then he gives it back to us more luminous and warm, fascinating and colourful, melancholic and mysterious, human and “chatterer”, never decadent neither a “ghost city”! A Venice which the artist has already in his heart and in his mind and he searches in the early hour of the morning…

Who visited Venice only for a short stay can get from these images a different and stimulating picture, on the other hand for those who have frequently stayed there and are able to recognize places and atmospheres, it will be an exciting re-discovery.

Aldo Basili proves with this exhibition to master a good technique in addition to a high sensibility in catching the image, not only the fleeting moment, and to give it back to us with an emotion experienced and still to be experienced.

His talent is evidently based on an artistic knowledge which enabled him to create his, by this time, unmistakable style; brush-strokes of light and colours, canvases on which the artist has painted his and ours Venice, works of art in which can be spotted a surrealism reminding of De Chirico, other pictures in which can be seen the light of impressionism and other more that recall Braque, but in all of them can be recognized the hand of Aldo Basili photographer.